Apple Juice Concentrate 70° brix
AJC 70 brix in medium acidity (1,60 – 2,00 % w/w) from Chile
Juice Concentrates: Apple, Pear, Plum, Apple NFC

About Us

Agrozzi - Mercofood - Planta

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We are a reliable and strategic supplier of Apple Juice Concentrate (70 brix), primarily in medium acidity (1.60 – 2.00%). Located in the Southern Hemisphere, we harvest between February and May, and are capable of supplying customers in the USA, Europe, and Asia during the off-season. Our capacity is 45,000 MT of concentrated juices, including Apple, Pear, plum and NFC Apple.


Agrozzi - Mercofood - Capacidad productiva

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Agrozzi Chile is the largest agro-industrial complex in the southern hemisphere. The plant is equipped with the latest bucher Unipektin technology, with a production capacity of 2,000 MT per day in juice concentrates. It mainly processes Apple juice Concentrate (AJC), as well as pear, peach, plum, prune and various vegetables, with an annual production of approximately 40,000 tons.

Free Trade Agreement

Agrozzi - Mercofood - Socio comercial

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Chile has a wide network of Free Trade Agreements, which allow us to enter more than 90% of the world´s markets duty- free, without import taxes (0% tariff), including the main economies of the world. Additionally, Chile offers highly competitive direct freight worldwide, ensuring efficient and cost-effective transportation.